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Whether you are looking to renovate, re-decorate, or maybe just change a few pieces of furniture & decorate for the holidays 'Interiors by Bianca' is here to assist in the design process.  


Let's talk! The consultation is comprised of our initial meeting when I introduce myself, my services and discuss the proposed project(s).  This consultation is typically and hour to an hour and a half and should take place at the proposed project site.  The client should explain the proposed project(s); provide any essential information vital to the project such as anticipated timeline, design goals, and budget.  From there we can begin discussing my design methods, project objectives, likes and dislikes.    


Perhaps you are looking to sell your apartment or home and need help creating an environment that has appeal to a variety of buyers.  Let us create a welcoming and inspiring space for buyers to envision themselves living in.  We will edit your space, scale your furniture to compliment and add art and accessories where needed to effectively increase the interest in your listing. 


This package is our quick fix design update.  It's where we 'refresh' a room - meaning we edit, purge, organize, and rework existing layouts and items within your home.  Often space layouts need to be adjusted and perhaps furniture from other rooms shifted to make our homes more suitable as our lives and lifestyles have changed.  Here we work to maintain major pieces that already exist within your home and instead opt to update smaller items such as pillows, artwork, accessories, accent tables and lighting for example.      


This is an all encompassing package and ranges depending on your needs, budget and timeline.  You may only want to re-design one space in your home, or perhaps several at one time.  If you are looking for help with the overall design style including materials, finishes and paint color selections we are here for you. 

Developing a budget, color scheme, selecting furniture, sourcing, procurement and final install are all part of the process.  Whether you have a general idea of the direction you would like to take or if you only have a small object as your inspiration; we can help you achieve your design dreams.  Interiors by Bianca believes in making your office, apartment or weekend home a visual story of you!

Send us an email, give us a call we would love to start the discussion about your design goals. 

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