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Interiors by Bianca

Bianca Keith




Welcome to Interiors by Bianca!  We focus on creating beautiful, luxurious custom spaces for our clients. With work encompassing residential apartments and houses to retail and commercial spaces we develop our spaces to uniquely reflect our clients.  Bianca Keith has curated interior spaces for well over a decade and believes each project has been an incredible experience. 


Bianca is a graduate of Northeastern University School of Architecture where she received a Masters of Architecture 07'.  Bianca's passion for interiors came well before college years. 


 'I remember asking my Grandpa for scraps of his wallpaper to use in my dollhouses.  Even as a child I was thinking about how the spaces we live in effect our lives and spirits.  I wanted to ensure a beautiful environment even if only for my dolls at the time'. 


Following her graduate program Bianca continued to focus on architecture and interior design.  Working hand and hand with vendors, contractors and design principals at one of the top African American Interior Design firms in the US, Rinehardt|Miller Interiors for ten years. 


Continuing her career she moved to Senior Interior Design at the internationally recognized architecture firm Adjaye Associates and lead the New York Interiors Division.  

Now with the launch of Interiors by Bianca, Bianca is able to bring those collective experiences, vast knowledge and perfected skills to your design project. 


Interiors by Bianca is just a taste of what's to come in the future.  We are looking forward to talking with you soon.  

Design without limits,


QUICK Q & A...

What's your favorite vacation spot?


"Antigua, the weather, the people, the culture it's a great escape and has the most beautiful beaches and warm people.  If you know how to drive on the other side of the road, rent a car and explore the island: it's truly amazing."

What nationality are you?


"Haha, I get this question all the time!  I'm Cape Verdean it's a mix of Portuguese and African.  Cape Verde is comprised of ten volcanic islands off the west coast of Africa."

When did you know interior design was your passion?


"As crazy as this sounds when I was little my Dad had extra cardboard from boxes or packaging items for his photography business that I would search through.  I was in search of the perfect piece of cardboard for my projects which at the time were building dollhouses from scratch. 

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