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Weekend DIY - Mod Podge Mirror Frame Tortoise Shell Pattern


  • Mirror with flat wood frame (I used an old mirror who's color didn't work for me anymore)

  • Scrapbook paper (enough to cover entire frame don't forget sides)

or Patterned design of your choice printed on regular paper

  • Mod Podge - optional Glossy Finish

  • Paint brush - optional flat

  • Painters tape

  • Scissors

Step 1: Clean mirror (newspaper and Windex is best) and wipe off frame.

Step 2: Flip mirror over if possible remove actual mirror and only frame will remain. If this is not an option use painters tape to tape off mirror so glue does not damage mirror.

Step 3: Cut one strip of patterned paper a workable length about 4 - 5" length increments is good. However smaller increments work best at the areas which your frame is curved or if it has a more intrigue shape. I recommend cutting the stripes as you go so you can cut along the patterns to overlap the pattern for a more uniform overall look.

Step 4: Use your paint brush to apply Mod Podge directly to mirror frame the length of your cut patterned paper. Next using the same paint brush apply the Mod Podge to the back side of your paper and gently lay the paper on the mirror frame where you applied the Mod Podge. It's important to keep the sizing around 4 - 5" lengths or shorter as mentioned above; because the paper begins to become fragile and you need to ensure you are laying the paper flat as you continue around the mirror.

Step 5: Continue this process all the way around the mirror, remember to keep overlapping the pattern slightly and cutting along your pattern to give a more seamless uniform look. When complete set the mirror aside to dry completely about 15 minutes is ideal.

Step 6: Once the frame has dried you can now use your paint brush to apply Mod Podge on top of the entire decoupaged frame. The Mod Podge will be white again but it dries completely clear so don't worry about the color. I choose the Gloss finish listed above but their are a number of different options you can choose which works best for the style you are going towards.

Step 7: Again set the frame aside to dry preferably overnight.

Step 8: Remove the painters tape or reinstall the mirror to the frame and your done! Enjoy your 'new' custom mirror frame!

I would love to see how your projects come out feel free to send me pictures!

Inspiration Images:

See you next time!


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