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Illustrated Interior Design Books

As I begin homeschooling for my young son this week. It got me thinking about how I learn and what works best for me. I don't think I realized this until I was in college but I'm more of a visual learner. Something I wished had been recognized earlier; but knowing that now I think it's important to consider different learner styles as I work with my son.

There are actually four different types of learners:





Chart Source

I think it's also important to remember if you aren't fully grasping something with one method perhaps introduce a different style of learning to help you or your child.

Here are a few great examples of interior design books with a focus on visual learners. In these books you will see many, many illustrations, charts and diagrams. Not only have these books been instrumental in my understanding of interiors but they have continued to be a great resource on projects. They have even provided ideal examples to explain concepts or ideas to many of my clients.

Some of these books were my Mom's! As you can see they have served both of us well with post-its and dog-eared corners and markings throughout.

and one more E-Book from my local Library! Absolutely love this library feature:

See you next time!


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