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Happy Friday!!! It's the first Friday of summer for my family, and to celebrate I've included an extra special collection from my son, yah! Check out my 'Friday Faves' for June 2019.


Clockwise from top middle:

1. Faux flowers by John-Richard Collection (purchased from Horchow)

These 'Angelique Tulips' are beautiful, they are about 9" High x 10"Dia. I purchased these as an investment item for my business. When staging photographs I love to include floral arrangements and being able to use these again and again is great for me. Of course I love real flowers too but sometimes the faux version works great too and last longer!

2. Bond no. 9, High Line perfume (purchased from Bloomingdales)

This scent gets its name from none other then New York City's High Line. Its a fresh and not to sweet sent, think fresh grass and beautiful wildflowers.

Actual notes:

  • Bergamot

  • Purple Love Grass

  • Indian Rhubarb

  • Red Leaf Rose

  • Tulips

  • Grape Hyacinth

  • Bur Oak

also available direct from vendor:

3. David Aubrey Earrings jewelry (birthday gift from my older sister)

I absolutely love these earrings!!! They are HANDMADE and GORGEOUS. The two I was gifted are a great size for my face and have mixed materials which I love. They have a sophisticated yet funky look so they work great for client meetings and weekends with the family. Can't wait to get more, I'm coveting so many at the moment.

4. Stanley mini tape measure (purchased from Home Depot)

Handy and compact; naturally I love anything in a mini version! I seriously carry this tape measure around with me everywhere, it's like a security blanket! It's the perfect size for verifying scale when i'm shopping or doing quick checks on site for anything up to 6' in size! Tape Measures are a must in my business but I think this is a great size for any and everyone really.

5. Handmade Decorative Ring Holders pottery (collection by my son)

These ring holders are so special to me. My son has made a collection without even knowing. They are all so different but the perfect size for my rings. I keep one in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and one in the living room more as a display object then a ring holder though. I love how he's incorporated texture, color, gems, glitter and character to each one. He told me the blue bird is specifically a joint one for his Dad and myself to share. Love this kid!


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