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DIY: Marquee Letters

This DIY is great for so many occasions! Graduations, Anniversaries, and of course BIRTHDAY'S!

Materials Needed:

- Poster Board

- Letter Stencils

- Ruler

- Spray Paint

- Twist LED lights (battery operated)

- Hot Glue Gun

- Glue Sticks

- Exacto Knife

- Clear Tape

Step 1: Determine what word you want to create. I chose my son's name 'JAYDEN'! Some other options are 'PARTY' 'CELEBRATE' 'BIRTHDAY'. Next time I may do one of this words because they would also be useful over and over again for every member of your family and friends!

Step 2: Trace letters in pencil on the poster board. Cut out each letter and set aside. Next cut out strips of poster board at 2" height intervals. These will be the side edges of each letter which you will need to score around each of the letters to create the block style lettering. Use tape to secure the side edges to the cut out letters you traced earlier. This part takes some time so take breaks if you are doing a word with many letters!

Step 3: Apply spray paint to each letter. I chose a glitter spray paint keep in mind you will need to let the letters dry in between rotating and spraying all sides.

Step 4: Once all the letters are completely dried you can add the battery operated LED Lights. First select how many lights you will use in each letter and lay them out evenly within the letters. Once you are set with the layout you will need to secure the lights with your hot glue gun.

Step 5: Party Time!!! These DIY Marquee Letters will be a hit at your next event (or in the background of your virtual party ;) and will be sure to last you into the future. Just be sure to store them in a sturdy box or plastic tub with lid.

See you next time!

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